Appeals Process - Step 1

Before submitting an appeal, please ensure that you have checked the circumstances of the issue of the parking charge notice and that you have viewed our photographs of the incident as these may resolve your query. Please complete the following and ensure that all information is correct, then select "Search". This will open a new window in your browser and allow you access to the photographs and payment pages. 

Once you have viewed our records of the incident, you can either continue to make payment, or if you still wish to appeal, you will need close the photographs window and return to this window / page where you can then select "Step 2". 

IF YOUR NOTICE REFERENCE NUMBER BEGINS WITH 2 LETTERS, (e.g. IZ or GR or HY), IT IS NOT A NOTICE ISSUED BY US AND YOU NEED TO READ THE NOTICE TO FIND OUT WHO TO CONTACT. Do not send us your appeal for this type of notice as it will not be dealt with. We do not return or respond to any correspondence relating to those. 

Vehicle Parking Charge Reference:

Vehicle Registration:


Examples of a typical Parking Charge Notice are shown below. Indicated areas show where to find the required information to complete the form above.

The most common mistakes made are entering the letter "O" or "I" instead of the number "0" or "1" (or vise versa). Leading zeros are not required.