Important Notice Regarding Infringement Reports


Any information or data submitted to us in respect of an infringment report is considered to be provided with full consent and is subject to our privacy notice

If you wish to submit an Infringement Report, please ensure that you are aware of our hours and days of operation for the location that you are reporting for. There is unfortunately little point in submitting a report for a location at a time when we are unable to attend. 

For example, if we do not provide any service on a Sunday at your location, any report you make on that day cannot be actioned until at least Monday morning and so your report is unlikely to be of benefit. Similarly for locations where the service does not operate operate overnight, there is no point in submitting a report at 10.00 pm if we do not operate before 09.00 am the next morning. 

All our sites have varying operational hours and so to save yourself the trouble of submitting a report that cannot be acted upon, and then the subsequent frustration that we have not arrived to action your report, please ensure that whenever possible you are only submitting reports during our operational hours for your location.

If you are unsure of your current operational hours, you may contact us during normal office hours, or your landlord / housing association / local authority estate parking section to confirm the details. 


If you still wish to submit an Infringement Report, please click here