Hyde Group Permit Applications


After many years of service to Hyde Group, our contract to provide parking management services ends on 30 April 2021. Therefore, we will not be issuing any new permits after 28 April 2021, and after 30 April 2021, we will no longer be operating active on-site parking management, or issuing permits, for any Hyde location. 

All outstanding charges for Parking Charge Notices already issued up to that date remain due and they will continue to be collected by us in the usual manner, which will include the use of Debt Recovery agents, Solicitors and legal action where necessary. 

In the meantime, we understand new parking management contractors will be taking over the service. All existing permits will remain valid until their stated expiry dates. We are not authorised to issue refunds for any permits already issued, nor to issue more permits. 

Unfortunately, we do not know anything about the operation of the service after 30 April 2021 and therefore any queries you may have must be directed to the Hyde Group or the new parking management Contractor. Please do not contact us as we cannot assist you. 

You can contact Hyde at: https://www.hyde-housing.co.uk/contact-us/

or you can telephone 0800 3 282 282.