Hyde Group Permit Applications (Stockwell area)


Wing Parking currently only handle parking permit applications for the following Hyde Group locations: 

Arden House, SW9

Beckett House, SW9

Birrell House, SW9

Edrich House, SW9

Pinter House, SW9


Many parking bays at these 5 locations are now allocated and there are few vacant bays available to new permit applicants. It may be necessary for you to join a waiting list. If you are not already a permit holder, we recommend that you do not submit an application but instead, you should first contact us on 01582 434500 and ask if any bays are available. When a bay becomes available, you will be notifed and asked to then submit a permit application. 

If you are an existing permit holder and wish to renew, you must do so promptly as no period of grace is allowed, and if your permit expires without previously having been renewed before the expiry date, your bay will be allocated to someone on the waiting list and you will then need to join the waiting list to wait until another bay becomes available.

New charges will apply for all permits issued with a start date of 1 April 2020 or later, irrespective of whether or not they are issued before or after 1 April 2020. THe new charges will be confirmed in due course. 

For residents, the system will use "virtual" permits, meaning that all details are held within our system and no physical permit is printed or posted or needs to be displayed within the vehicle.

Where visitor's parking is available, (currently only at Birrell House), visitors must still obtain a physical visitor permit and display it within their vehicle. Visitor parking permits are available directly from Hyde and not from Wing Parking. 

To apply for a permit for a property managed by the Hyde Group, please select one of the links below. Full details of the parking and permit restrictions are also available to view or download.

In order to submit an application online, you will need an email address and the ability to upload documents in either pdf or jpeg formats. We do not accept document uploads in other formats.

If you cannot submit an online application, please download and print the application form and send it to us by post or email. If you apply by post you will need to submit your payment with your application, either by means of a cheque or postal order, or a completed credit/debit card payment form. 

Please note that in order to ensure PCI Compliance, it is not possible for you to email your payment card details to us. You may still apply by email by completing the form and attaching supporting documentation, but if you do this, please ensure that you do not include your payment card details. We will process the application and then telephone you on the number supplied in order for you to make payment by card. Any applications made by email which contain payment card details cannot be stored or processed and so they will be immediately deleted and you will need to re-apply.


Terms & Conditions - Parking Permit Applications & Issue

1) Applying for a permit does not guarantee that a permit will be issued. The issue of permits may be restricted by document validity checks or by availability of parking spaces already issued and therefore applicants must not park until they have received confirmation that a permit has been issued or a space has been allocated.

2) All permits are issued in accordance with the following terms and conditions. An application for a parking permit confirms acceptance of all the terms and conditions of parking detailed here and in the relevant Hyde Northside Parking Permit Agreement detailed below. 

3) Current Permit costs are as detailed in the relevant Parking Permit Agreement

Yearly resident permit - £90.00 

6 month resident permit - £45.00 

Disabled residents who hold a blue badge may apply for a resident permit without charge.

Resident permits are "virtual permits" that are held on our system and no physical permit is printed or sent to the resident or needs to be displayed upon the vehicle. 

Full payment is required before a permit can be issued.  

Where visitor parking is available, single use visitor scratch cards must be displayed in the windscreen of the vehicle. Visitor parking may not be available at all properties and in such cases, visitor permits cannot be purchased and visitors must seek alternative parking arrangements. Details of visitor parking is included in the relevant application form. Please note that Visitor permits are supplied directly by Hyde and not by Wing Parking.  

Full payment is due once the application has been verified and before the permit is issued. The price is valid until 31 March 2021. All permits are sold directly by the Hyde Group and Wing Parking manages the sales on their behalf. 

4) All permits must only be used in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of Use of the permit as provided with the permit.  

5) A pro-rata refund may be given for each complete month of validity remaining when the permit is surrendered provided that a minimum of 6 moths valiity is remaining. Permits may be transferred to another vehicle for the remainder of the original validity period for an administration charge of £10.00.   

6) If you are applying for a residential permit, you must confirm, by forwarding the appropriate documentation, that:

a) you are a resident of the location. This can be through a bank or credit card statement, a gas/electic/water/council tax bill (but not a mobile phone bill) or a Hyde rent statement. All documents must be less than 3 months old.

b) the vehicle is registered to you at the address. This will normally only be possible through the vehicle registration document, but if this is not available, other documentaiton such as a purchase invoice may suffice

c) the vehicle is subject to current vehicle tax, insurance and MOT

d) you accept the Hyde Group Parking Permit Agreement.  

7) All documentation provided to confirm residency or ownership will not be returned to the applicant so please ensure that you do not send original documents, only copies.

8) Each permit may be renewed once without the need for full documentation to be resubmitted. As a result of the GDPR regulations introduced in May 2018, we are no longer able to reply upon data held for several years and so the first renewal after May 2018 MUST be made with full documentation and thereafter, one renewal will be allowed without data needing to be resubmitted.   

9) In the event of any doubt over the validity of any application or documentation, we reserve the right to seek further information and documentation as we see fit in order to satisfy ourselves that the application is in order.

10) In the event that any permit payment is later cancelled, withdrawn or returned unpaid (for whatever reason), then the associated permit will immediately become invalid. Any permit issued following any cancelled, withdrawn or returned payment will be subject to an additional administration charge of £25.00 per permit.

11) All personal data collected in respect of parking permit applications is subject to the GDPR. Data will be retained and used in order to maintain the valid operation of the overall parking management scheme, including for the purposes of permit management and debt administration of of unpaid parking charges notices. Data will also be shared with the Hyde Group. Our full privacy notice is available here

12) Successful permit applications will be confirmed within 2 workings days of payment. Please do not contact us to chase your application until at least 7 working days have passed since the application was submitted.


Please complete the following documentation (you need one Parking Permit Agreement and one Application Form) or follow the link to apply online


Hyde Group Parking Permit Agreement (signed copy of page 4 is required for postal or email applications)

Arden House

Beckett House

Birrell House

Edrich House

Pinter House

Permit Application Form (required for postal or online applications)

Arden House, SW9

Beckett House, SW9

Birrell House, SW9

Edrich House, SW9

Pinter House, SW9


Online Permit Applications