Kilburn Square Resident and Visitor Permits


Terms & Conditions - Parking Permit Applications & Issue

1) Applying for a permit does not guarantee that a permit will be issued. The issue of permits may be restricted by document validity checks or by availability of parking space issued and therefore applicants must not park until they have received confirmation that a permit has been issued.

 2) All permits are issued in accordance with the following terms and conditions. An application for a parking permit confirms acceptance of all the terms and conditions of parking as detailed here: 

 3) Permit costs are £30 for a Resident permit and £20 for a book of 12 single use Visitor scratch cards and full payment is due once the application has been verified and before the permit is issued. The price is valid until 31 March 2019. 

 4) All permits must only be used in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of Use of the permit as provided with the permit. 

 5) The charge is made for the issue of the permit and as such no refunds will be given where permits are cancelled, returned or lost. In such instances a new permit application must be made at full cost.    

 6) Where there is a change of vehicle, the permit for the old vehicle must be returned when the application for the new vehicle is made.

 7) If you are applying for a residential permit, complete the details of the vehicle for which it is required and ensure you enclose a copy of the registration document confirming the vehicle is registered to the applicant address along with proof that the vehicle is taxed and subject to current insurance and MOT.  

 8) Where a vehicle registration document is not available, other suitable documentation confirming the residential status and ownership of the vehicle must be provided instead. To confirm residency, the applicant must first contact Kilburn Square Housing Co-Op who will then ensure the applicant is authorised to apply for a permit and Kilburn Square Housing Co-Op will then notify Wing Parking of their eligibility.

 9) All documentation provided will not be returned to the applicant so please ensure that you do not send original documents, only copies.

 10) Each permit may be renewed once without the need for full documentation to be resubmitted. As a result of the GDPR regulations introduced in May 2018, we are no longer able to rely upon data held for several years and so the first renewal after May 2018 MUST be made with full documentation and thereafter one renewal will be allowed with data needing to be resubmitted. Any second renewal will require the resubmission of documention.   

 11) In the event of any doubt over the validity of any application or documentation, we reserve the right to seek further information and documentation as we see fit in order to satisfy ourselves that the application is in order.

 12) In the event that any permit payment is later cancelled, withdrawn or returned (for whatever reason), then the associated permits will immediately become invalid and new applications must be made for new permits at the full cost of £30.

 13) All personal data collected in respect of parking permit applications is subject to the GDPR. Data will be retained and used in order to maintain the valid operation of the overall parking management scheme, including for the purposes of debt administration of unpaid parking charges notices. Data will also be shared with Kilburn Square Housing Co-Op. Our full privacy notice is available here.

 14) Successful permit applications will be despatched within 2 workings days of payment. Please do not contact us to chase your application until at least 7 working days have passed since the application was submitted.

15) All permits are valid for 1 year from date of issue. There is no refund for cancelled or returned permits.


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