Enquiries for London Borough of Islington


Having been a service provider to Islington since 2012, we confirm that with effect from Saturday 31 December 2022, we are no longer providing estate parking enforcement patrol services to London Borough of Islington.  

We would like to thank Islington Council for many years of working together to protect access to estates for residents and service vehicles.

Any parking charge notice issued up to the closure of the service will remain valid and the charges will remain due. The appeal process remains active for anyone who wishes to appeal against a notice, and any notices that become overdue will continue to be pursued for payment in the usual manner. The charges due on any issued parking charge notice have not been cancelled simply because our estate parking enforcement patrol service is no longer operating. 

Any queries regarding the closure of the service, or what is happening after 31 December 2022 regarding estate parking in Islington should be made directly to Islington. We are sorry but Wing Parking does not have any information on that and we cannot assist you in those enquiries. Please contact Islington directly on:

Telephone: 020 7527 5300

Email: housing.transport@islington.gov.uk

Further information regarding Estate Parking within Islington can be found here:


Please do not contact Wing Parking regarding parking controls after 31 December 2022 as we have no information on that matter, however, we will continue to answer and deal with any queries or appeals or payments for any parking charge notice already issued by us prior to that date.