Debt Recovery Payments :

If you have been contacted by one of the debt recovery agencies or solicitors working on our behalf to collect unpaid Parking Charge Notices, you should now make payment directly to them and not to ourselves. This will ensure that any action being taken by them will cease in the shortest possible time and will prevent further charges being applied unnecessarily. 

Making payment to ourselves in such cases may not immediately cease any action being taken and it will only represent payment of the Parking Charge Notice, not any additional administration or debt recovery charges that may have already been added. Those charges will remain outstanding and due and you will continue to be contacted with regards to those charges and they may increase further.

If you have been contacted by one of our current debt recovery agents, you MUST contact them and make payment to them directly through the following links or telephone numbers:

Debt Recovery Plus: 0208 234 6775

Parking Collection Services: 0141 301 2355

PCN Admin Centre: 01932 918098

Zenith Collections: 0208 528 4133
ZZPS: 01932 918916

Only use the above links for our debt recovery agents if you have been contacted by them. The above links will take the user to external websites operated by the relevant company. Wing Parking is not responsible for the content of external websites.  

If you have NOT received contact from our debt recovery agents, then you should NOT use the links or telephone numbers above and you MUST make payment directly to ourselves using the links on the previous page.