Appeals Process


Wing Parking issue a variety of Parking Notices on behalf of numerous Clients, many of whom operate their own appeals system and therefore appeal procedures and timescales may vary according to the client for whom the Parking Notice was issued. 

Details of how to appeal for the specific location where you were parked are stated on the Notice issued to you. Please ensure that you read the appeal instructions on your Notice carefully and follow them as we do not forward any appeals we receive that are not to be carried out by us. You must contact the correct party as stated on the parking notice or any subsequent correspondence.

If your Notice does inform you to appeal directly to us, the following policies will apply:

Appeals are only dealt with in writing through the post or through our online appeals process. Appeals will not be processed if submitted by email and individual cases will not be dealt with over the telephone even once submitted in writing.

Appeals must be received by us within 28 days of the date of issue of the Notice. Where appeals are received after this time period, they will not be considered.

You must write to:

The Appeals Manager, Wing Parking Ltd, Lytchett House, 13 Freeland Park, Wareham Road, Poole, Dorset, BH16 6FAH


Or you can submit an appeal online here

We do not accept anonymous appeals. Where clients have requested that their contact information be confidential, their wishes will be upheld and Wing Parking will carry out all stages of the appeal process. All appeals are dealt with in strict chronological order and emails do not receive any priority over posted or online appeals.

Your appeal must include your name and address, the name and address of the driver of the vehicle, the registration number of the vehicle and the Notice reference number. The appeal should state the reasons why you feel that the Notice should be cancelled. We do not accept or respond to anonymous appeals.

Appeals can only be made by the registered keeper of the vehicle or the vehicle driver. If you are a third party submitting an appeal on behalf of the owner or driver, for data protection purposes, you must include a signed letter of authorisation from them confirming their name, address, whether they are the owner or driver, and authorisation for us to deal with yourself as a third party on their behalf. If such authorisation is not provided, the appeal will not be considered and the period allowed for submitting an appeal may pass. 

Wherever possible, appeals should be submitted using our standard Appeal Form which can be downloaded from this website. Use of the Appeal Form will ensure that you provide all the necessary information required to allow us to deal with your appeal.

 We will not uphold appeals for reasons such as:

- My permit fell off the windscreen

- I forgot to display my disabled badge

- I’ve only just got the car and haven’t had time to get a permit

- I was only parked for five minutes

- My car had broken down

- I can’t afford the fee

- My friend/neighbour said that I could park there

- I went to get some change for the machine

- I could not find anywhere else to park

- I didn’t notice the enforcement signs

- I couldn't see the point of having a yellow line there

- My permit application is in the post

- I thought I was correctly parked, but I made a mistake

These reasons constitute "mitigating circumstances" only and will not be considered as acceptable reasons for upholding an appeal.

We aim to respond to your appeal within 28 days of receipt (14 days for London Borough of Islington cases). Please do not chase us for a reply to your appeal until those timescales have passed. Postal appeals will be replied to by post and email appeals will be replied to by email.

Provided that your appeal is made prior to the expiry of any applicable discount period, the charges will be frozen at the discounted amount and if your appeal is rejected, a further period of 14 days, commencing on the date of the rejection decision will be allowed before the discount period allowing reduced payment expires. If you do not appeal until after the expiry of the discount period, then that discount period will not be extended any further and if your appeal is rejected, the full charge will be due.

If an appellant does not receive a reply to their appeal, this should not be construed as confirmation that the appeal has been upheld. All appeals are replied to and if no reply is received within the timescales detailed above, the appellant should contact us to obtain a copy. If the appellant does not contact us at that time, not only will the discount period not be extended any further there is the chance that if the appeal has not been upheld and the Notice remains unpaid, the case could be passed for debt collection or other legal action, incurring the appellant in further costs.