Parking Information and Parking Permit Applications


Any information or data submitted to us in respect of a permit application is considered to be provided with full consent and is subject to our privacy notice

Under the new GDPR data protection regulations, we will no longer be processing permit renewals on the basis of data previously submitted to us upon application. Each permit renewal applied for after 25 May 2018 will need to be considered a brand new application and it must be accompanied by all reelevant documentation confirming ownership of the vehicles, residence, etc. Subsequent renewals may be applied for without the need for all documentation to be submitted, but the first renewal after 25 May 2018 must be submitted as a new application. 

For information on the parking scheme, restrictions and parking permit application process in place in your area, please select the name of the Authority controlling the site where you wish to park.

If your landlord or Authority is not listed below, then you will need to contact them directly to obtain more information and/or a parking permit.

London Borough of Brent    (Does not include Kilburn Square, NW6. For Kilburn Square, use the specific named link below)

Catalyst Housing Group                                   

Royal Borough of Greenwich  

London Borough of Haringey      

The Hyde Group (Islington area)   

The Hyde Group (Stockwell area)                   

London Borough of Islington     

Kilburn Square                               


Please note that none of our parking schemes, restrictions or permits relate to any on-street parking or CPZ. All our services relate solely to off-road parking on housing estates and similar that are operated by the Estate or Housing Departments, not by On Street Parking Departments. If your query relates to on-street parking, you will need to contact the local Authority directly (ensuring that you ask for the On Street Parking Department). Please do not contact us as we hold no information on such matters and we will be unable to assist you.

As a general rule, parking permits issued for use on the public highway or within any CPZ, do not allow parking on the private property managed by ourselves and if you have such a permit, you will still need the appropriate Estate parking permit in order to allow you to park on housing estates. If you need to contact our clients regarding our services, please ensure that you ask for the Estate or Housing Parking Department, not the On Street Parking Department.

Likewise, users of Blue Badges or other disability parking exemptions should be aware that those exemptions do not automatically include private property and therefore if you are using a Blue Badge or other disability parking exemption to park on a private housing estate (even one owned by a Local Authority), you must ensure that you abide by the relevant instructions for that location and you do not rely purely upon your existing Blue Badge as it may not grant you the same parking exemptions that are available to you on the public highway. 


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