Appeals Process

Please note: If your parking charge notice reference number begins with two letters, such as IZ, then IT HAS NOT BEEN ISSUED BY US. All parking charge notices issued by Wing Parking begin either 00009 or 0001. If the reference number begins with two letters, such as IZ, then it is a Penalty Charge Notice issued by a local authority and you must contact THEM directly to resolve the matter. Do NOT appeal such cases to us. We do not return or respond to any correspondence relating to those.

Please ensure that you have read the further information on the appeals process on the link below, and that you have viewed the online images of the incident you are considering appealing against prior to submitting an appeal as that may provide you with information as to whether or not your appeal is likely to be sucessful or not.    

For further information on the appeals process, please click here

Our full Appeals Policy can be viewed here.

Some of our clients have appeal information specific to their own internal policies. Client specific appeal information can be viewed here.

Unless otherwise stated, the standard response time for an appeal is 28 days however London Borough of Islington appeals will be processed within 14 days. 

Any online appeal will be replied to by email. If you do not receive a reply within the stated timescale, please ensure that you check your spam or junk email folders. If you do not have a reply after 28 days (14 days for Islington cases), you MUST contact us, you CANNOT assume the matter is still pending or that the parking charge notice has been cancelled. If we have an email delivery receipt, our reply will be considered to have delivered to you, even if you have not read it.