Enforcement Images:

Please read the following information carefully

Please note: If your parking ticket reference number begins with two letters, (e.g. IZ), then IT HAS NOT BEEN ISSUED BY US. All parking charge notices issued by Wing Parking begin 00009 or 0001. If the reference number begins with two letters, then it is a Penalty Charge Notice issued by a local authority and you must contact them directly to resolve the matter. 

Any information or data submitted to us in respect of image viewing and/or subsequent payment, is considered to be provided with full consent and is subject to our privacy notice

To view images of your vehicle at the time of enforcement, click on the link below which will transfer you to our payment site. You will need to enter both your registration number and the number of the Notice you were issued. You will then be able to view the images taken by us. Please note that you DO NOT have to make payment or enter any other personal or credit card details to view the images.

Please note that it takes around 15 minutes for images to be uploaded to our system after the time the Parking Notice is issued and therefore you should allow at least that amount of time before trying to view your images.

If you receive an error stating "Failed to Retrieve Details", it does not automatically mean that the details are not yet available, and it is most likely that you have entered the details incorrectly. The most common errors are switching the letter "O" for the number "0" or the letter "I" for the number "1". Please try again, double-checking that the details you are entering are exactly those shown on the Parking Notice, before reporting any faults.

If the images do not appear, we recommend that you clear your browser cache before retrying, or try again using an alternative browser. 

The observation time and time of issue of the Parking Notice are shown on the Notice itself. Although we provide access to time and date stamped photographs, the timing of these photographs may vary slightly from the times shown on the Parking Notice. These timing variations do not invalidate the Notice, and they are not proof of an error in issuing the Notice, they are merely the result of normal operating procedures in that some functions must be completed before others can occur. For example, it is necessary for us to record the presence of a vehicle before we can take a photograph of it and so the photograph will always be timed slightly after the observation time, but this does not mean the time of the photograph is the observation time. Likewise with the issue of the Notice itself. The time of issue of the Notice is the time it is recorded on the system. The Notice still has to be affixed to the vehicle and further photographs taken so those photographs will always show a later time to the Notice issue time. Finally, although the photographs show hours, minutes and seconds, system limitations mean that the Notice observation time and issue time are shown only in hours and minutes.

The images held by us fall under the control of the Data Protection Act and the GDPR. Where customers request copies of photographs for their own purposes, we will require confirmation of proof of identity and entitlement to the images. However, the images can be accessed and downloaded directly by the recipient of the Parking Notice at no charge.

 I confirm I have read and understood the above notes and I wish to view the Enforcement Images