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If your parking ticket reference number begins with two letters, then IT HAS NOT BEEN ISSUED BY US. All parking charge notices issued by Wing Parking begin 00009 or 0001. If the reference number begins with two letters, (e.g. IZ), then it is a Penalty Charge Notice issued by a local authority and you must contact them directly to resolve the matter. 

Any information or data submitted to us in respect of a payment is considered to be provided with full consent and is subject to our privacy notice

Payment of your Parking Charge Notice can be made online or by telephone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week as well as by BACS transfer or by post. Please read the Terms and Conditions for Payments and then confirm your acceptance. You can then proceed to select the appropriate link when it appears at the bottom of the page for your chosen method of payment.

I accept the terms and conditions, and would like to proceed.
Please note: If you have been contacted by debt recovery agencies or solicitors working on our behalf to collect unpaid Parking Charge Notices, you should now make payment directly to them and not to ourselves. If this applies to you, please click here for more information on the debt recovery process. You can no longer use our systems to make payment as our systems will only display the value of the outstanding parking charge notice and not any debt recovery charges that have been incurred. Hence if you make payment to us, irrespective of what it says on our system, it will not settle your full account and the debt recovery costs will still be payable and you will continue to receive contact from our debt recovery agents.  
However, if you have NOT received contact from our debt recovery agents, then you MUST make payment directly to ourselves using the links below.  
The links below are for payment directly to Wing Parking: