Kilburn Square Permit Applications

Please Note: Wing Parking will be ceasing to operate the parking management scheme at Kilburn Square on 30 June 2022. Until that date you still need a parking permit in order to park and so you should continue to renew your permit if it expires before then. Any queries relating to the parking scheme after 30 June need to be made directly to Kilburn Square Housing Co-Op as we have no information on that. 


Only properties specifically notified to us by Kilburn Square Housing Co-Op will be able to apply for permits.  If your specific address is not listed on the online application system, this is because we have not yet been informed by Kilburn Square Housing Co-Op that you are entitled to apply for a permit and so you will need to contact them in the first instance before you can apply to us for a permit. They will confirm your entitlement to a permit and then notify us accordingly so you can apply.

Likewise, if you rent a garage, you are not entitled to a resident permit, only visitor permits, and again, that information has been supplied to us by Kilburn Square Housing Co-Op. Therefore you may find that even though your address is on the system, it does not allow you to apply for a resident permit.  

Kilburn Square resident permits run for 1 year from date of issue and the charges are payable whenever the permit is issued. There are no refunds for cancelled or returned permits. 

Kilburn Square visitor permits are single use, daily scratch cards. These have a use by date of 31 December 2022, although they may become invalid earlier if the parking management scheme should cease. No refunds are given at any time for unused, expired or invalid visitor permits.

Please note that even if you have applied for a permit, you still cannot park until such time as that permit has been received and is displayed in the vehicle. Having applied for a permit and awaiting it to be delivered does not allow you to park. You must have the permit clearly displayed in your vehicle in order to park. Therefore we strongly recommend that you apply for your permit online as this will be the quickest way of obtaining your permit and once paymernt has been made we can apply a temporary seven day exemption in order to allow you to park while your permit is printed and posted to you.  

To apply for a permit for Kilburn Square, please select one of the links below. Full details of the parking and permit restrictions are also available to view or download.

In order to submit an application online, you will need an email address and the ability to upload documents in either pdf or jpeg formats. We do not accept document uploads in other formats.

If you cannot submit an online application, please download and print the application form and send it to us by post or email. If you apply by post you will need to submit your payment with your application, either by means of a cheque or postal order, or a completed credit/debit card payment form. 

Please note that in order to ensure PCI Compliance, it is not possible for you to email your payment card details to us. You may still apply by email by completing the form and attaching supporting documentation, but if you do this, please ensure that you do not include your payment card details. We will process the application and then telephone you on the number supplied in order for you to make payment by card. Any applications made by email which contain payment card details cannot be stored or processed and so they will be immediately deleted and you will need to re-apply.


Kilburn Square Residential and Visitor Permits

Kilburn Square Commercial Permits